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Crossing the Threshold

page5_promob… Both figuratively and literally. APD updates have been spare recently while I’ve been teaching myself a new suite of software in an attempt to make the whole illustration process a little more painless. But we’re over the hump now, and I hope to start adding new pages more than, you know, once every few months.
We’ve added two new pages to kick off the new year! Click Chapters > Book 1 > Chapter 1 to read, click “My Dogear” to go to your previously saves place, or click here to skip directly to the new pages!
Don’t forget to “dogear” your place! And if this is your first visit, check out our illustrated tour!


Welcome to APD 2.0

After several months of re-writes, illustration, programming and designing, A Penny Dreadful has found a new lease on life as a web comic!

For those of you not familiar with our story so far, A Penny Dreadful began as a pilot for an animated series that began production in 2005. After years of fits and starts, victories and drawbacks, we’ve decided to share the story of swashbuckling orphans Kit and Arlo with a wider audience while continuing to develop the animation.

We’re proud of what we’ve created so far. Not only do we have rich stories with compelling characters, but our exclusive “comic viewer” allows us to animate panels, create dynamically-generated elements and selectable web text for easier accessibility, translation and interactivity.

Get started by clicking Chapters above. Select Begin here for a quick introduction to the viewer, or Book I, Chapter I to begin reading.

There are still a few bugs we’re working out. If you notice anything that needs fixing, from a viewer bug to a typo, please let us know on the Contact page.

Thanks for visiting us! So much more is on the way!