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Hiatus, but not Bye-atus

The “Fairy Shark Mother” from my upcoming children’s book.

I’ve decided to put A Penny Dreadful on hiatus while focusing on the children’s book I’ve been writing and illustrating for the past year. I hate to put everything on hold before it’s even reached the real meat of the story (where are the pirates?! I thought this was a pirate comic!!!), but I promise I’ll return to Illustrating Kit, Arlo, and a bevy of as-yet-unrevealed character very soon.

Until then, check out the progress on my children’s book project by following my new twitter feed here!

APD returns!

Doug storms out

It’s been a long few months of unemployment, job searches, job finding, new job learning, and comic-not-updating, but A Penny Dreadful isn’t gone just yet! We’re getting back into the flow, starting with two new pages before the and of the year!

Click Chapters > Book 1 > Chapter 1 if this is your first time here, or click My Dogear to find the last page you flagged!

Where has APD gone?

I’ve kind of dropped off the web comic map a little over the past month or so. Between job hunting and home repairs, I’ve had less time to work on A Penny Dreadful than I’d expected.
BUT! That should be over soon, and I hope to have more pages available in the near future.

In the mean time, enjoy a video of me in all my unemployed glory:

Two New for Ju-ly

pengu_promo2A superhero, a toy chest and a penguin. This week we find Kit and Arlo exploring their new surroundings.

Click Chapters > Book 1 > Chapter 1 above read. Or, if you’re returning, click “My Dogear” for your last marked page!


We’ve hit 100 likes on Facebook!

100_likes_promoA hundred may not seem like much, but it’s an important mile-marker on our way up. In addition to that, our last update for June has become our most clicked-on to date, racking up more than 400 views on the first day alone, so some of you out there are clearly spreading the word! Thanks!

But let’s not stop there! If you haven’t followed us yet, please do! You can also follow us on twitter, and don’t forget to dogear your most recent page in “Chapters” above!

Thanks again! We hope to see you with our next update!


At Long Last – Three New Pages

A light bulb in a sparse atticAfter a complicated couple of months trying to get our backgrounds modeled, we’ve finally posted three brand new pages.

5-1-promo-bOur heroes, Kit and Arlo are thrust further into their strange, new surroundings, including their new bedroom in a cold, barely furnished attic.

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